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Grip Training

So you want Gorilla Grip? Maximize your training to build grip strength and endurance to conquer ropes, rigs, bars and more!

OCR Race Prep

You signed up, now prep up to do your best on race day. Customized programs and remote check-ins will get your ready for the start line.

Run Training

Running isn’t the same for everyone. Create a program that will maximize your strengths, build up your weakness and make your run game solid.

Let’s Do Some Work.

You’ve booked your race…you have the date and time. What comes next? You want to perform at your best, so finding a solid program can help get you there quicker.

There are so many pieces to any successful training program. Why not take some of the stress out of building and executing your program by working with a coach that has experience? Of course, you will need to do the work – but customizing it, adjusting it and putting it all together shouldn’t be the challenge.

You want to succeed on race day…let’s get you going.

Your Coach

Tom Ciccone

Tom is a competitive Spartan and OCR racer, coach and mentor. He has been competing in obstacle course and road racing since 2012, with over 40 podium placings and 100 OCR races since that time. He has placed in the top 5 in the Spartan Race USNS series in 2022 and 2023, and continues competition in the 2024 50-54yr age group.

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  • You Signed up…Now What?
    You did it. You got your race booked and on the calendar. Are you ready to take on the challenge and do your best work?
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