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What I’m All About…

Thomas Ciccone, MA Psych, Head Coach

Thomas is a competitive Spartan and OCR racer, coach and mentor. He has been competing in obstacle course and road racing since 2012, with over 40 podium placings and 100 OCR races since that time. He has placed in the top 5 in the Spartan Race USNS series in 2022 and 2023, and continues competition in the 2024 50-54yr age group.

He is a published author and artist, as well as independent business owner and entrepreneur. He has created and launched several product lines aimed at fitness and sports lifestyle including DEVELOPT® Sports Nutrition in 2015 and IMSXY® Lifestyle Brand in 2017.

Outside of OCR, Thomas is an award winning graphic artist and has worked professionally as a graphic designer, illustrator and graphic consultant since 2003. He is the founder of PiXLMiX® a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Orange County, California which provides creative solutions for individuals and groups in a variety of industries, most notably, in the areas of fitness, nutritional supplements and athletics.

Thomas has won several awards and has earned recognition for illustration and concept design. He is also a published artist and has been featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Expose 9 and 10 (concept vehicle designs ‘PULS-V’ and ‘HALCYON’), as well as Imagine Publishing’s internationally distributed magazine Advanced Photoshop and Professional Photoshop Book as a featured Masterclass tutorial writer. In addition, Thomas served as a Photoshop expert tutorial and instructional writer for PhotoshopCreative magazine.

Thomas has his MA in Applied Psychology and is an avid dog, animal and environment lover. He is a self-taught animal and portrait artist and has had exhibitions of his work at various events such as Cheetah Conservations Fund’s Silent Auction 2017, Run 4 Shark Expo 2018/2019/2021, as well as various independent online galleries and events in Southern California. He periodically guest teaches illustration classes at local grade schools in Orange County, featuring animal tutorials and creative ways to draw endangered animals.

Commit. Just Do It.

Regardless of what you want to do – if it’s something really worth it to you – you have to know that no one… seriously, NOBODY is going to come over and hand it to you. No one will bring your dream on some shiny platter and give it away.

Any goal, change, achievement – whatever – requires you to walk over to the proverbial (or actual) edge, have a nice look over and then jump. It’s that simple…but also that scary. It’s just not natural for most of us to want to jump off any “cliff” (real or not).

If you don’t actively DO anything about your situation or achieving your goal, then nothing is ever going to change. So why not go all in and do it?

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