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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured plan, process or set of resources presented by your mentor or an athlete. It is a set of tools and a great way to keep motivated, stay focused or put some structure to your current training. There are many different types or approaches to coaching, as each individual athlete is different. Coaching plans, regardless of duration are always customized and customizable to the athlete to ensure results are maximal.

I’ve never done a race, do I need a coach?

You don’t need a coach no. However, if you want to feel prepared or want to do your best on race day, having some structure to your training is a great way to get familiar with what you can expect.

Who needs a coach?

Anyone who is interested in performing better at a particular event or task – regardless of how large or small – can benefit from coaching. Some athletes may need a lot structure or information and others may benefit simply from a basic guide or resource to help keep him or her focused and on-track.

I don’t have fancy equipment or a gym, can I still work with a coach?

That’s the benefit of a coaching program. Working with what you have available and structuring a program based on both your goals AND your ability to achieve them is paramount. Customized programs are tailored to your goals as well as your tool set.

I’ve raced a lot, do I need a coach?

If you have a lot of experience, then the “right” coach may be able to help you hone your performance. However, if you feel prepared and happy with your current status then you may not benefit completely from obtaining a coach. One key thing would be an overall assessment of strengths and weakness. If you think a coach may be able to help make even small improvements, coaching may be a good option for you.

Are my results guaranteed?

In racing or any structured endeavor, results are NEVER guaranteed. However, with consistent work and a solid program progress is almost inevitable. It is important to note that with any coaching program, results are relative to how much effort you put in as well as how consistent you put in that effort according to your program. One thing to note is that although there are no guaranteed results, there is a level of satisfaction that should be achieved. If you aren’t happy or need more or less, then communication is key to moving forward optimally.

What if I want to quit my program?

Sometimes life makes it challenging to stick with a program. However, it is important that once a goal is set you stick with it to and through the event, regardless of performance. You may or may not perform your best, but simply following through with a program is a goal achievement itself and a learning experience. Of course, programs are only as effective as the commitment to them and are always at-will. However, with any program you will be “coached” to a level that is beneficial to your goals and that you are comfortable working.

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